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Knight of the Area : Past Anime Theme Songs (OP/ EN All 2 Songs) Summary

“Knight of the Area” is based on a soccer manga, and it is a story that the power that the heart of the elder brother of the elite named U-15 Japan National Team is transplanted grows up together with the companion.The theme song is only one song of the opening, but I think that there are a lot of people who are anxious because it is a good song.

So this time I will summarize the past anime theme song (OP song) of “Knight of the Area”.

What is Knight in the Area?

“Knights of the Area” is a Japanese soccer manga work written by Daisuke Iga and drawn by Kazuya Tsukiyama.Serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha).It was broadcasted on TV Asahi (Kanto local) from January to September 2012 at 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. (JST).

The episode that becomes “the main story” is a growth story that the high school soccer club of the main character, Aizawa Abura, is aiming for the national tournament, and even the world ahead.

Summary of past theme song of anime “Knight of the Area”

Opening Theme

※ Opening (OP) songs, there is one song in all.

OP1.  S.R.S “Hire Ground”

Lyrics and Composition – Takuya Yamaguchi / Arrangement / Song – S.R.S (Toys Factory)

It is the first opening song.It is an up-tempo song that shines a melody full of a dashing feeling that is close to the world view of the anime [Knight of the area].

Soundtrack (insertion song) ed.

Insertion 1.  S.R.S Spring Comes to Everyone

Coupling song.Yufuko Mibota and Jun Fukuyama, the knights of the area and voice actors of the brothers of Aiwasawa Sebu and Jie, are participating as chorus members.

Popular theme song ranking of anime “Knight of the area”

I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “Knight of the Area”.This ranking is created on this site based on the lyrics search and the number of accesses (PV number) on your major site (at the time of writing).

1S.R.SHigher GroundOp15092


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I summarized the past theme song (OP song, insertion song) of “Knight of the area”.

I’ve been reading comics about Knights in the Area, but recently I’ve learned about the existence of anime and watch it regularly.The music is also a pretty good selection of songs, and the anime is exciting.If you were playing sports in club activities, I think you will sympathize with it, so please listen to me.

Thank you very much for watching until the end.

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