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[Attack No.1] Past Anime Theme Song (OP/ EN All 4 Songs) Summary

“Attack No.1” has been broadcast since 1969 and is an old work, but it is the best work of high profile.Sabi’s theme song “Attack, Attack, NO.1♪” may be familiar somewhere even if you have never seen an anime.

So this time I will summarize the past anime theme songs (OP songs, EN songs) of “Attack No.1”.

※Added drama theme song


  • 第10位 炎炎ノ消防隊「インフェルノ」/Mrs. GREEN APPLE
  • 第9位 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱「God knows…」/涼宮ハルヒ(CV:平野綾)
  • 第8位 シティーハンター「Get Wild」/TM NETWORK
  • 第7位 進撃の巨人「紅蓮の弓矢」/Linked Horizon
  • 第6位 とある科学の超電磁砲「only my railgun」/fripSide
  • 第5位~第1位は?

What is anime “Attack No.1”?

“Attack No.1” is a Japanese manga by Chikako Urano.From January 1968 to December 1970, it was serialized in “Weekly Margaret” (Shueisha).All 12 volumes were published by Margaret Comics.Following the “Moletz Greedy Game” in the 19:00-19:30 frame of Fuji TELEVISION series, all 104 episodes were broadcast from December 7, 1969 to November 28, 1971.

The main character, Kozue Ayuhara, leads a bad group and challenges the volleyball club, and his strength is recognized and welcomed as a captain.Kozue and his friends overcome various trials and aim for the world.

Summary of past theme song of anime “Attack No.1”

Opening Theme

※ Opening (OP) songs, there is one song in all.

OP1. Kumiko Osugi “Attack No.1″

Lyrics: Tokyo Movie Planning Department (Yamazaki Takayuki) / Composer: Takeo Watanabe / Song: Kumiko Osugi (early Kurumi Kobato)

It is the first opening song.Needless to say, it is a signboard song of Attack NO.1.The lyrics are spone.Singer Kumiko Osugi is also in charge of Doraemon’s songs later on, so I think there are many people who are familiar with their voices.

Ending Theme

* There is one ending (EN) song.

OP1. Kayoko Iju , Van Bo Bon

Lyrics: Tokyo Movie Planning Department / Composer: Takeo Watanabe / Song: Kayoko Ishu

It is the first ending song.It is impressive to start with a cheerful melody like a girl anime.It is a song of the lyrics of tomorrow’s sun Bambobobon that the ball which peels off the ball which peels off the bambobobon in the blue blue sky.

Live-action drama ed.

TV Asahi series every Thursday 21:00 – “Thursday” frame, starring Aya Ueto’s drama.

Op. Saki Fukuda , Attack No.1 2005

Lyrics: Tokyo Movie Planning Department, composer: Takeo Watanabe

It is the first opening song of the drama.The arrangement is arranged by Toshihiko Takamizawa, and it is a melody that you can feel Alfie likeness.I can tell that Saki Fukuda has a lot of emotions.”Because tears come out.It’s a girl!The phrase is pretty cute.

En.  Aya Ueto “Chikara of Dreams”

Lyrics: Toshihiko Takamizawa, composer: Toshihiko Takamizawa

It is the first ending song of the drama.I think that it is one song that the person who does not have energy etc can get a great courage.The lyrics are encouraging to go so hard, so I’m very impressed.

Popular theme song ranking of anime “Attack No.1”

I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “Attack No.1”.This ranking is created on this site based on the lyrics search and the number of accesses (PV number) on your major site (at the time of writing).

1Kumiko OsugiAttack No.1Op51922
2Kayoko IjuVan Bo BonEd3706


I put together the past theme song (OP song, EN song) of “Attack No.1”.

The opening song of “Attack No.1″ is a character that loves volleyball and hates losing, and the character that everyone wants to support is expressed, and in the ending song, cheerful harmony like the fairy tale of the women’s cartoon was characteristic.Please listen to it with the animation by all means.

Thank you very much for watching it until the end today.

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