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[Dundo] past anime theme song (OP, EN all three songs) summary

“DANDOH” is one of the few golf works and is representative of Shonen Sunday.Dando was passionate about baseball, but the principal’s words led him to become interested in golf, and when he met legendary professional golfer Shinjo Kiyasu, who retired at a young age, he began to pursue a full-fledged path to golf.Tv animation was also faithful to the original, I think that i was able to enjoy it without any problems for the original fans.

So this time, we will summarize the past anime theme songs (OP songs and EN songs) of “DANDOH”.

What is the anime “DANDOH”?

“DAN DOH!!” Is a manga written by Nobuhiro Sakata and written by Daichi Manjo, which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday”.TV anime “DANDOH!!” was broadcasted on TV Tokyo from April 3 to September 25, 2004.
Aoba Ballistics, a baseball boy who goes to elementary school (also known as Dando), watches a video of professional golfer Shinjo Jujing’s game at school and learns about the sport of golf.After that, he met Shinjo Kiyasu himself by chance,
and he received golf guidance with his childhood friends Yuka Sunada and Kohei Oike.

Summary of past theme song of anime “DANDOH”

Opening Theme

※ Opening (OP) songs, there is one song in all.

OP1. Bullet77 “Going on! 』

Lyrics – Nodajun / Composer and arrangement – Mitsuhiro Tada / Song – Bullet77

It is the first opening song.It was just a PS2 [everyone’s golf] boom these days.However, the times could not keep up with anime and did not reach the popularity of golf.

Ending Theme

* There are two ending (EN) songs.

EN1. Bullet77 “WILD FLOWER “

Lyrics – Nodajun / Composer and arrangement – Mitsuhiro Tada / Song – Bullet77

It is the first ending song.I don’t know. I don’t know about dance, but this song is cooler than the current hit chart.It’s really cool, isn’t it?

EN2. Bullet77 Believe in Love

Lyrics – Nodajun / Composer and arrangement – Mitsuhiro Tada / Song – Bullet77

It is the second generation ending song.Masterpiece!This is lindberg’s favorite song.When I hear it again now, I feel that a great singing voice is transparent.

Popular theme song ranking of anime “DANDOH (Dandeau)”

I introduce the popular theme song ranking in “DANDOH (Dandow)”.This ranking is based on the number of lyrics search and access (PV number) on major sites (at the time of writing).

It is being counted now.


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We have compiled the past theme songs (OP and EN songs) of “DANDOH”.

The theme song of “DANDOH” is Nodajun (voice actor Junko Noda) and musician Mitsuhiro Tada (Mitsuhiro Tada?) called Bullet77. It was sung by the unit by.Because it is only a nostalgic tune, please listen by all means.

Thank you very much for watching it until the end today.

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