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[Sasami-san @ Do not do your best ] past anime theme song (OP, EN all three songs) summary

“Sasami-san @ Do not do your best” is a story that a lot of pretty girls come out around the brother and sister of the brother and sister of the brother and sister of the brother and sister of the elder brother of the girl Sasami of the retreat and “slave constitution”.The theme song of the anime, including the OP of the divine song, EN songs that a lot of characters get entangled is also attractive.

So this time, I will summarize the past anime theme songs (OP songs, EN songs) of “Sasami-san: Don’t do your best”.

What is the anime “Sasami-san: Don’t do your best”?

“Sasami-san: Don’t do your best” (Sasami-san doesn’t do her best) is a Japanese light novel from day to day.The illustration is in charge of the left.Eleven volumes have been published by Gagaga Bunko (Shogakukan) since December 2009.It was broadcasted on TBS, CBC, Sun TV and BS-TBS from January to March 2013.

It is a strange phenomenon by eight million gods that falls on the small life of “Sasami-san” of withdrawal and “big brother” of slavery constitution.And, it is an impossible love comedy with “three sisters of the evil god” full of individuality.An extraordinary story that is depicted as such a daily system.

Summary of the past theme song of the anime “Sasami-san : Don’t do your best”

Opening Theme

※ Opening (OP) songs, there is one song in all.

OP1. ZAQ “Alteration”

Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement and Song – ZAQ

It is the first opening song.The tune burns, the poem is hot by the straight ball game, and the voice shakes off, and it works hard.After all, it is ZAQ!!。You should be creating according to the anime, but “ONE WAY ROAD!” Zaq’s way of life is that “there are too many words to say and I chose the method to put it on the sound”.

Ending Theme

* There is one ending (EN) song.

EN1. Moon Reading “Osmotic Symphony”

Lyrics, Composition and Arrangement – Kenichi Maeyamada / Song – Tsuki-Reading Chain Sumi (Kana Asumi)

It is the first ending song.Every time, the entanglement of each character is quite good feeling, but I also like the song soberly.I don’t know the lyrics.By the way, the collaboration with each character in each story is as follows.

Episode 1 – A pre-recorded song by Kana Asumi was played in the background.
Episode 2 – Because no one sang, it was played with shouts of Tsukirea Shinomi (Yoshitada Otsuka) and off-vocals.
Episode 3 – Three evil gods participated, and the evil god Tsurugi (Saito Chiwa) and yagami Tama (Nonaka Ai) sang from the middle.
Episode 4 – It is a sarcoma (Anna Asumi) pretending to be a chain beauty though It is a sarcoma (Asumi Kana) which pretends to be a chain beauty though It sings with high tension.
Episode 5 – The suspect of the previous story is told that the suspect was delicious to stap, and sings in The Middle with Kanmi and Yagami Kagami (Kana Hanasawa) from the middle.
Episode 6 – A shinto vassal tries to make a moon-reading curse (Asakawa Yu) sing instead of a chain beauty.
Episode 7 – No one can sing, so a sing is made to sing once in a while.While she was singing, she slept.
Episode 8 – Kamitomi and Tama sing in the chain beauty of teniwado state (actually just sleeping).
Episode 9 – Ewakugawa Ame (Aimi Numakura) sings.
Episode 10 – Secretly, A chain of beauty sings.
Episode 11 – It is said by the shinto vassal and three evil gods, and Mr. Chanmi sings unpleasantly.
Episode 12 – (Finally) No Gaya.

Soundtrack (insertion song) ed.

※ Soundtrack (insertion) songs, there is all one song.

Insertion 1. Mayako Nigo “Ribbon Is Fluffy”

Lyrics, composition and arrangement – Yukari Hashimoto / Song – Female voice actor (Mayuko Nigo)

Insert song.It is a song in the four episodes play.1 minute and 30 seconds of fluffy and sweet bliss.The singing voice of Mr. Nigo who seems to be close to the nature and the chorus of the young Nigo-san blend together, and it is a sense of happiness like being in heaven.It’s hokuhoku.

Popular song ranking of anime “Sasami-san @ Do not do your best”

I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “Sasami-san @ Do not do your best”.This ranking is based on the number of lyrics search and access (PV number) on major sites (at the time of writing).

2Tsukikanchasumi (Kana Asumi)Osmotic SymphonyEd15941
Three.ZAQAlteration-feel-Arrangement version6678
Four.ZAQAlteration (TV ver.)Op2914
Five.Tsukikanchasumi (Kana Asumi)I’ll do my best from tomorrow.Image Song2590
Six.Kagami (Kana Hanasawa)Mirror of synapsesImage Song2554
Seven.Tsukikanchasumi (Kana Asumi)Osmotic Symphony (TV ver.)Ed2114
Eight.Ewakugawa Ame (Aimi Numakura)VIVA Self-InterestImage Song1895
Nine.Tsurugi The Evil God (Chiwa Saito)The Road to EternityImage Song1889
Ten.Mayako NigoThe ribbon is fluffy.Insert song1508


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I put together the past theme song (OP song, EN song) of “Sasami-san: Do not do my best”.

The theme song of “Sasami-san @ Do not do your best” is an OP song “Alteration” is a divine song, and although it is a signboard song of the animation, the soundtrack that Yukari Hashimoto who has created music of a lot of popular TV animation such as “Pink Drum” and “Sanhea” was also recommended, so please listen by all means.

Thank you very much for watching it until the end today.