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[School Rumble -2nd Term-] Past Anime Theme Songs (OP/EN 11 Songs) Summary

“School Rumble (2nd term)” is a school love comedy by Kobayashi So.It depicts a high school life in which various characters weave around two of the main characters: a high school girl who has a crush on her classmates and a bad high school student who has a crush on her high school girl.It is extremely well-known as a love manga representative of the 2000s, and tv animation is broadcast until the second term.In addition to the theme song, each character song is also used as an insertion song.

So this time, I will summarize the past anime theme songs (OP songs, EN songs) of “School Rumble (2nd term)”.

What is the anime “School Rumble (2nd term)”

“School Rumble (2nd term)” is a school love comedy by Kobayashi So.It was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 2002 to 2008.Tv animation was broadcasted on TV Tokyo from October 2004 to March 2005 and the second period from April to September 2006 under studio comet production.

It gained popularity with the story of sending the high school life of love and youth with unique characters who appear one after another with two main characters, Tenman Tsukamoto, a high school girl who has one-sided love for her classmates, and Kenji Harima, a bad high school student who has a crush on Tenman.

Summary of past theme song of anime “School Rumble (2nd term)”

Opening Theme

※ Opening (OP) songs, there is one song in all.

OP1. Ami Tokito “Senchimentaru Jenere-Shon”
せんちめんたるじぇねれ~しょん ・ 時東ぁみ 【HD】

Lyrics & Composition – Tsunku / Arrangement – Shunsuke Suzuki / Song – Ami Tokito

It is the first opening song.It is the main theme of the second semester which sang the trouble and hope of the school days violently.As the song name suggests, it is a masterpiece that tells the story of the characters who grow up while suffering from troublesome relationships and daily slapssed youth, and has been phrased from beginning to end to the phrase that we want you to understand our generation of sentimental.

Ending Theme

* There are three ending (EN) songs.

EN1. Ami Tokito “Because There Are These Tears, It Will Be The Next Step”

Lyrics & Composition – Tsunku / Arrangement – Shunsuke Suzuki / Song – Ami Tokito

It is the first ending song.Like the OP, Ms. Ami Tokito is in charge of this is an orthodox idol song.Step by step, I overcome the troubles of youth at my own pace.I sing such a strong feeling and feelings for tomorrow.It is a masterpiece suitable for en at the beginning of the second semester when the character comes out, and the story reaches a new development.

EN2. Toshiyuki Omori , The Last Candle

Composition and arrangement – Toshiyuki Omori

It is the second generation ending song.Suspense BGM used in 13 episode EN.It is a song according to the time of the mystery style, but a suspicious atmosphere.In particular, there is no “school rumble” or “likeness”.

EN3.Sister Tsukamoto ” Two Forget “

Lyrics – Masa Nakai / Composition and arrangement – IPPEI / Song – Sister Tsukamoto (Ami Koshimizu, Mamiko Noto)

It is the third generation ending song.The character duet song by the main character, Tenman Tsukamoto and his younger sister Yakumo, which was used as the second cool EN song of the second semester.The days that last like eternity will end someday, and you may forget it someday, but it is still a masterpiece that sang your precious feelings for your friends as a special existence.

Soundtrack (insertion song) ed.

※ Soundtrack (insertion) songs, there are all seven songs.

Insertion 1. Lia Girls Can Rock
Girls Can Rock [Lia] – School Rumble

Lyrics – Ako Takenaka / Composition and arrangement – Toshiyuki Omori / Song – Lia

Insert song.It is an image song of the classmate Ichijo Karen of the main characters, but Lia is in charge of the song.It has become a rock music with an exhilarating feeling of English lyrics.

Insertion 2.  Lia Feel Like a Girl
Feel Like a Girl by Lia

Lyrics – Ako Takenaka / Composition and arrangement – Toshiyuki Omori / Song – Lia

Insert song.It is also a one-article Karen image song of English lyrics by Lia, but this is a masterpiece that sings moistly in a calm tone and invites tears.

Insertion 3. Miai Saeki “17’s Heart”
17's Heart – Mio Saeki [HQ]

Lyrics – Yu Izumi / Composition / Arrangement – Takashi Iwato / Song – Miai Saeki

Insert song.The image song of Suo Mikoto, one of the best friends of the main character Tenman.It is a bright youth song characterized by lyrics that express her grown-up personality.

Insertion 4. unicorn table closer
School Rumble Song – Closer

Lyrics – Salia / Composer – Shin-go / Arrangement / Song – unicorn table

Insert song.The image song of the main character Tenman Tsukamoto, the feeling that I want to know what the other party I like is thinking, and the pain and difficulty of love that competes with scary feelings to know.

5. Hitomi Ikutenme “The Super Girl Has the Super Heart”
【スクラン】The super girl has super heart【キャラソン】.mpg

Lyrics – Ako Takenaka / Composer and arrangement – Toshiyuki Omori / Song – Hitomi Ikutenme

Insert song.A character song by Hitomi Ikutenme as Suo Mikoto.There were a lot of hard things, but it is a masterpiece that sang the days of love and youth that continue to grow overcoming it.

6. Insertions. Kaori Shimizu “Boy”

Lyrics – Yu Izumi / Composition and arrangement – Takashi Iwato / Song – Kaori Shimizu

Insert song.The character song of Akira Takano, one of Tenman’s best friends.It is a masterpiece that sang the longing for the adventure spirit and the desire to fall in love of her, who is a talented person who does not show feelings so much.

Insertion 7. Mayumi Gojo , Love & Peace

Lyrics, Composition and Arrangement – unicorn table / Song – Mayumi Gojo

Insert song.This is an image song of Mai Otsuka, the class chairperson, by Mayumi Gojo, who is familiar as a pretty cure theme song artist.It is a cute song depicting the daily life that she stares at with a fairy tale hobby such as a magical girl though it is a serious chairman.

Popular songs ranking of anime “School Rumble (2nd term)”

I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “School Rumble (2nd term)”.This ranking is based on the number of lyrics search and access (PV number) on major sites (at the time of writing).

1LiaGIRLS CAN ROCKInsert song5007
2Ami TokitoSenchimentaru Jenere-ShonOp4673
Three.LiaFeel Like a GirlInsert song3070
Four.Yu KobayashiLuchadorImage Song2847
Five.Ami TokitoBecause there is these tears, it becomes the next step.ED12244
Six.Yui HorieDependenceImage Song2043
Seven.Sister TsukamotoThey’ll forgetED21997
Eight.Yui HorieFeel my FeelingInsert song1788
Nine.Hitomi IkutenmeThe super girl has the super heartInsert song1003
Ten.Hiroki TakahashiIt’s a chance!Image Song999


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I put together the past theme song (OP song, EN song) of “School Rumble (2nd term)”.

The theme song of “School Rumble (2nd term)” continues to the first stage, and the OP which embodies the momentum as a love comedy, en thinking about the days of Shinmiri youth and a balanced masterpiece are prepared.If you look at the main part of “School Rumble” which has a lot of songs including the image song of each character, the character song, and the insertion song of the radio CD, you can see that the song matches the character perfectly, so please enjoy all songs with the main story by all means.

Thank you very much for watching it until the end today.

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