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[Soul Eater] past anime title song (OP, EN, all 13 songs) summary

“Soul Eater” is a series of popular boys with dark AND cool, pop BUT rock Iwasaki Taku world full-open.The anime series that aired on TV Tokyo since 2008 was also popular.

This time, we will summarize “Soul Eater’s Theme Song (OP/EN Song)”.

What is the anime “Soul Eater”?

Soul Eater (SOUL EATER) is a Japanese manga by Atsushi Okubo.It was serialized in “Monthly Shonen Gangan” (published by Square Enix) from June 2004 to September 2013, and the anime series was broadcast from April 2008 to March 2009.

The catch copy of the anime version is “Your soul, I’ll get it!”」。

Anime “Soul Eater” Past Title Song Summary

Opening Theme

※ The opening (OP) theme is all four songs.

OP1. T.M.Revolution

Lyrics – Akio Inoue / Composition / Arrangement – Daisuke Asakura / Song – T.M.Revolution / Label – Epic Records Japan Episode 1 – Episode 30.

It is the first opening song.The meaning of “resonance” is “resonance”.Among all T.M.’s songs, it is so intense and fast that it competes for 1 or 2.I think that it is a perfect tune when I want to liven up feeling quickly.When I listen to soul eaters while thinking about them, I feel even more excited.

OP2. Tommy Heavenly6 Papermoon

Lyrics & Songs – Tommy Heavenly6 / Composer and Arrangement – Chiffon Brownle / Label – DefSTAR Records Episode 31 – Episode 50.

The second generation opening song.It is a song of the finish of the exquisite balance that the beauty of the greatness and the melancholy unique to Tommy in a good meaning like Anison was ectic.The songs used in soul eaters vary from artist to artist, but most of them contain the “cool” element.This song was also used in the battle scene, so it is “cool”.


Lyrics and composition – Tomoya Tabuchi / Arrangement / Song – UNISON SQUARE GARDEN / Label – TOYS FACTORY Repeat Show 1st Cool.

The third generation opening song.Unison SQUARE GARDEN’s Hidden Masterpieces!Soul Eater with comical and dark charm and “counter identity” containing a pop yet aggressive rock soul will match beautifully.The roller coaster image at the beginning of the OP and the cry of the music match, i get goose bumps involuntarily.

OP4.  “I want love”

Song , Composition and Song – Tsuji Shion / Arrangement – Mw / Label – DefSTAR Records

It will be the opening song of the fourth generation.”I want love” is the first single in a year and a half.Throughout the song, you can see a cute up-tempo atmosphere and a catchy rust.

Ending Theme

※ Ending (EN) theme is 6 songs.

EN1. STAIR PUNKS “Iwanaby”

Lyrics and composition – TSURU / Arrangement / Song – CHANCE PUNKS / Label – kowaalski Episode 1 – Episode 13, Final Episode.

The first ending theme of “Soul Eater“.Explosive power, instantaneous power, piercing message … this single that was all shaken off in MAX, celebrated its 10th anniversary, further declaration of determination from Stapang that continues to explode !! This is Stapan!!” It is a song that cannot help saying.

EN2. Kana Nishino “Style.”

Lyrics and Songs – Kana Nishino / Composition / Arrangement – Kazuhiko Maeda / Label – SME Records Episode 14 – Episode 26, Repeat Show Episode 17, 2nd.

Style. the second generation ending song is a song in which Mr. Nishino, who was only 19 years old, candidly sings the delicate state of mind between an adult and a child.The voice and atmosphere are different from the present, but there is a goodness which is different from the present Kana Nishino.

EN3. Diggy-MO'”Bakusyu Yumeuta”

Lyrics, Composition & Song – Diggy-MO’ / Arrangement – JUNKOO / Label – SME Records Episode 27 – Episode 39, Repeat Show Episode 32 and 2nd.

The third generation ending song.The singing like vomiting and beating, and the beauty of the melody line to put it on.It is surprisingly in check with the world view of Soul Eater on the air.

EN4.  abingdon boys school “Strength.”

Lyrics – Takanori Nishikawa / Composer – Toshitoshi Kishi / Arrangement / Song – abingdon boys school / label – Epic Records Japan Episode 40 – Episode 50.

The 4th generation ending song.Strength is a rock ballad that is made up not only with the flashy sound of the 90’s, but also with Nishikawa’s high singing ability and the ability of the members to play.It is the coolest song in combination with soul eater’s view of the world, sound and lyrics.

EN5. Yui Makino “Scent of Blue”

Lyrics & Songs – Yui Makino / Composer and Arrangement – Yasushi Tsuda / Label – Epic Records Japan Repeat Show 1st Cool.

The 5th generation ending song.Beautiful melody as delicate as glasswork.The arrangement that is evoke a quiet rage which does not get tired no matter how many times it listens.And a smooth and moist voice reminiscent of many women I’ve met so far.It’s a perfect song.

EN6. How Merry Marry “Northern Lights”

Lyrics and composition – Keiichi Kudo / arrangement – Hikaru Ishizaki, HOW MERRY MARRY / Song – HOW MERRY MARRY / Label – Epic Records Japa.

The 6th generation ending song.This song, which is the ending theme of “Soul Eater Repeat Show”, is an upper tune that sang the determination to “just want to be strong” on a solid guitar sound full of running feeling! ! Is.

Inserted songs

※ I will introduce a typical inserted song.Click to go to the youtube playback page.

Insertion 1. Yumiko Kobayashi / Kaori Nazuka “My Star”

Duet song by Maca (CV: Chiaki Komikawa) and Soul (CV: Yuki Uchiyama): This is a black star character song.

Insertion 2. Mamori Miyano / Akino Watanabe / Heiseimi Taka “It’s Our Guide”

Duet by Death the Kid (CV: Mamori Miyano) and Liz Thompson (CV: Akino Watanabe) and Patty Thompson (CV: Heiseimi).A Melo → Kid B Melo → Liz & Patty → Kid and Liz & Patty’s hamori when you hear it is a bright tune that makes you feel energetic.The gentle another mix also had a different taste and was goo.

Insertion 3. Chiaki Komiyama / Naoki Uchiyama “Mauve-colored sympathy”

This is a duet by Maca (CV: Chiaki Komikawa) and Soul (CV: Yuki Uchiyama).It is stable and very good in the character song in the tune that is perfect for the sound tone of Mr. Uchiyama’s punchy singing voice of Mr. Iwamigawa, the tune that is perfect for the image.

“Soul Eater” Popular Theme Song Ranking

I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “Soul Eater”.This ranking is created on this site based on the lyrics search and the number of accesses (PV number) on your major site (as of writing).

ReferenceNumber of accesses
2Diggy-MO’Bakuran YumekaED3172364
Three.Tommy Heavenly6PapermoonOP2129094
Four.abingdon boys schoolStrength.ED479862
Five.Kana NishinoStyle.ED249292
Six.Chance PunksAiwanabyED133204
Seven.Chiaki Iwamigawa/Naoki UchiyamaMauve-colored sympathyImeson26042
Eight.Mamori Miyano / Akino Watanabe / Heiseimi TakaThat’s our guideImeson25728
Nine.Yumiko Kobayashi/ Kaori NazukaMy StarImeson22422

※ The opening song first generation and the third generation of the ending song seem to be popular in the ranking.Other songs such as “Iwanaby”, “Mauve-colored sympathy” and “It’s our guide” seem to be popular in order.


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“Soul Eater’s Theme Song and Popular Song Ranking” was put together.

The theme song of “Soul Eater” was a lineup that delighted the unique view of the world of the work more deeply and widely.Soul Eater, Gaiden “Soul Eater Knot!It became a work that lasted for a long time, such as it was serialized until 2013, but it has now ended.Please enjoy the theme song that you want to listen to regularly with the anime.

Thank you very much for watching it until the end today.

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