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[Urusei Yatsura] past anime theme song (OP, EN all 20 songs) summary

“Urusei Yatsura” is a golden tower work of love comedy science fiction, and the story packed with elements of love comedy such as pushing wife, triangle relation, and pick-up man was a big hit in a typical visitor-to-visitor sci-fi gag like Obake’s Q Taro and Doraemon.

So this time, we will summarize the past anime theme songs (OP and EN songs) of “Urusei Yatsura”.

What is the anime “Urusei Yatsura”?

Urusei Yatsura is a manga work by Rumiko Takahashi serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday.From October 1981 to March 1986, he animated on Kitty Film and Fuji TELEVISION production (animation production was made in the first half studio Pierro to dean after the 130th episode in the second half).All 218 episodes.

It is a gag story of the love come touch which is set in a fictional town, Tomohiki town, space, different dimension, etc. centering on a single alien beautiful girl, Ram who loves him when it hits the high school star various stars of the flirt.

Summary of the past theme song of the anime “Urusei Yatsura”

Opening Theme

※ Opening (OP) songs, there are all six songs.

OP1. Yuko Matsutani “Ram’s Love Song”

Lyrics – Akira Ito, Izumi Kobayashi / Composer and arrangement – Izumi Kobayashi / Song – Yuko Matsutani

It is the first opening song.Yuko Matsutani’s debut song.At the beginning, there are several opening songs such as “You are always Kyorokyoro without too fidgety…”, but this song of the first OP has the strongest impact and it is a divine tune.After that, many songs have been covered by the evidence.

OP2. Izumi Kobayashi “DANCING STAR”

Lyrics – Akira Ito / Composition, arrangement, song – Izumi Kobayashi

It is the opening song of the second generation.Izumi Kobayashi, who composed the opening song, is in charge.It is a tune that says, “When the city goes to sleep, a man turns into scorpio, and a woman becomes a maiden.For some reason, it is an addictive song.

OP3. Kanako Narukiyo “Pajamas, Not Yet! 』

Lyrics – Kang Jinka / Composer – Tetsuji Hayashi / Arrangement – Kazuo Shiina / Song – Kanako Narukiyo

It is the opening song of the third generation.Debut song boasting outstanding name recognition “Pajamas Ja still!” Kanako Naruyo, who made her debut in.It was perfect with Latin rhythm (samba tone) which is a feature of the theme song of idol royal road + Urusei Yatsura theme song.

OP4.  Cinderella “Chance on Love”

Lyrics – CINDY, Miyahara Mei / Composer – Yuichiro Oda / Arrangement – Hoshikatsu / Song – CINDY

It is the 4th generation opening song.It is a tune of the whole English.By the way, the Japanese translation of the first lyrics is “I’ll show you a sweet dream without letting go of me who whispered my ears while being held in your arms.”

OP5. Stephanie Rock the Planet

Lyrics – Ralph McKanthy, Goro Matsui / Composer – Yukihie Takekawa / Arrangement – Kazuo Shiina / Song – Stephanie

It is the fifth generation opening song.Most of them are English words.At that time, anime songs were becoming J-pop, but the adoption of Western music was still cutting-edge.The lyrics ROCK THE PLANET appear many times.

OP6. Shoko Minami “Tonokata Sorry Let Me Play”

Lyrics – Akiko Agi / Composer – Izumi Tsunehiro / Arrangement – Mizutani Kosei / Song – Nan Shoko

It is the opening song of the sixth generation.The song that began to sing is “I can see the modus operandi, but it’s so cute.”It is an OP tune that makes you want to go home.

Ending Theme

* There are 9 ending (EN) songs.

EN1. Yuko Matsutani “The Universe Is Great! 』

Lyrics – Akira Ito / Composition and arrangement – Izumi Kobayashi / Song – Yuko Matsutani

It is the first ending song.It is the lyrics that make the extraordinary world view caused by the unique characters in this work as it is lyrics, and here, those characters as hen, the hen gathers, it is a lyrics that accurately expresses the slapstick world that involves the surroundings of this work that becomes more strange.

EN2. Helen Sasano “

Lyrics – Keiko Jie / Schrader / Composer – Izumi Kobayashi / Arrangement – Hoshikatsu / Song – Helen Sasano

It is the second generation ending song.Helen Sakino, a native of Mississippi, USA, was in charge. It is a song that “I’m going to be bye-bye, so even if I look around, I can‘t find a heart-wrenching love, and I’m heart-wrenching.”

EN3. Virgin VS Starry Sky Cycling

Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement and Song – Virgin VS

It is the third generation ending song.Because it was used as an insertion song and was popular, some of the lyrics and arrangements were changed and used as the ending theme of the program.In the past theme song of “Urusei Yatsura”, it is the first and last male vocal.

EN4. Izumi Kobayashi, I, I, You & Love

Lyrics – Yoshihiko Ando / Composer, Arrangement / Song – Izumi Kobayashi

It is the 4th generation ending song.A single song that became the theme song of the movie “Urusei Yatsura Only You”.Reggae fan karatina rhythm that starts from the intro of a heavy synth and presents with a cute scat is the best Lovely number.

EN5. Izumi Kobayashi “Dream Is Love ME MORE”

Lyrics – Akira Ito / Composer – Izumi Kobayashi / Arrangement – Yuji Kawashima / Song – Izumi Kobayashi

It is the fifth generation ending song.The city of sunset is thin and sparkling, and any man looks kind to me, even if I put my heart on an invitation and fall in love, it’s a moment.Of all the ending songs, many people say that they like it the most.

EN6. The Mobius of Love

Lyrics – Sho Mikawa, Sakawa Kubota / Composer – Hiroji Hayakawa / Arrangement – Virgin VS / Song – Ritz

It is the 6th generation ending song.Ram is born at the intersection of the triangles of yellow (y =1/2x) and red (y=2x).Speaking of Spanish songs, it is this song.Even so, you’re attacking.


Lyrics – Ralph McCanthy, Miyahara Meiei / Composer – Mickey Yoshino / Arrangement – Hoshikatsu / Song – CINDY

It is the 7th generation ending song.It is a song of Japanese singer-songwriter CINDY.It is an anison, but the atmosphere like some old Western music is good.There is no other such pop funk.

EN8. Stephanie Everyday

Lyrics – Ralph McKanthy / Composer – Mickey Yoshino / Arrangement – Kazuo Shiina / Song – Stephanie

It is the 8th generation ending song.All the lyrics are in English.Mickey Yoshino’s melody, Stephanie’s singing voice, and the red umbrella and ram anime are the trinity.PV and lyrics also match.

EN9. Shoko Minami “GOOD LUCK From Eternity to Love”

Lyrics – Akiko Agi / Composer – Izumi Tsunehiro / Arrangement – Mizutani Kosei / Song – Nan Shoko

It is the 9th generation ending song.It’s so wonderful All right I’ll be in time for it now.

Soundtrack (insertion song) ed.

※ Soundtrack (insertion) songs, there are all five songs.

Insertion 1. Virgin VS Cosmic Cycler

Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement and Song – Virgin VS

Insert song.It is a song of cosmic cycler starry sky cycling riding a bicycle from the window which slipped out from the room without the sky to the night where the star falls.

Insertion 2. Helen Sasano, Marga Rita

Lyrics – Yoshihiko Abe / Composer – Izumi Kobayashi / Arrangement – Hoshikatsu / Song – Helen Sasano

Insert song.Anyone will fall in love right away, but it’s a mysterious cocktail Margarita with a cold heart…

Insertion 3. Tokiko Kato “The Bar of the Times”

Lyrics and composition – Tokiko Kato / arrangement – Nobutaka Toi, Tokihiko Morishita / Song – Tokiko Kato

Insert song.It is a song of the beginning of the song of men who are a little tired to come to this bar of the age which is not suitable for this town tonight.

Insertion 4. Hirano Bun “Fushigi And Beautiful”

Lyrics – Tokuhisa Kobashi / Supplementary lyrics – Hirano Fumi / Composer – Yuko Matsutani / arrangement – Itakura civilization / Song – Hirano Bun

Insert song.The heart of the person is mysterious, and it is a song of the beginning of the song that the clock of only you was removed because of my heart mysteriousness which I do not understand even by myself.

5. Shoko Minami “Half Moon Is A Crush Color”

Lyrics – Akiko Agi / Composer – Izumi Tsunehiro / Arrangement – Mizutani Kosei / Song – Nan Shoko

Insert song.Moon The blue light that reaches the earth, the drops of the moon, the moon’s drops, the moon’s drops, the time is flowing through the too beautiful night. It is a song of the beginning of the song.

Popular theme song ranking of anime “Urusei Yatsura”

For reference in the search for songs, I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “Urusei Yatsura”.This ranking is created on this site based on the lyrics search and the number of accesses (PV number) on your major site (at the time of writing).

RankingSingerSongReferenceNumber of accesses
1Yuko MatsutaniRam’s Love SongOP1153898
2LispRam’s Love SongArrange45320
Three.Izumi KobayashiDancing StarOP224430
Four.Yuko MatsutaniThe universe is a great deal of hen!ED118078
Five.Helen SasanoYou’re heart-wrenching.ED215101
Six.Kanako NarukiyoPajamas, not yet.OP313311
Seven.Shoko MinamiI’m sorry, Lord. Let me play.OP612780
Eight.Virgin VSStarry Sky CyclingED310763
Nine.CindyChance On LoveOP410453
Ten.CindyOpen IntegrationED79165

※ The first place in the ranking is Yuko Matsutani’s “Love Song of Lamb”.There are several theme songs, but this song is overwhelming in both popularity and name recognition, and when “Urusei Yatsura” is introduced on TV, etc., this song will always flow in the background.


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I put together the past theme song (OP song, EN song, insertion song) of “Urusei Yatsura”.

The song of “Urusei Yatsura” is excellent in the arrangement of techno pop route of the good old days in every song, and it is sure that it becomes a snake rote state even if it is only a good tune and it is not a generation who was watching animation at that time.By all means, please ask.

Thank you very much for watching until the end.

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