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[D-Grayman] past anime theme song (OP, EN all 13 songs) summary

“D.Gray-man” is a big hit dark fantasy work serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump“.The Millennials manufacture the evil weapon “Akuma” based on the souls of the dead and dance in the dark to bring an end to mankind.It is a story that young priests (Clorageman) confront the ambition now.

We will summarize the past anime theme songs (OP songs, EN songs) of “D.Gray-man”.

What is the anime “D.Gray-man”?

“D.Gray-man” (Dee Greyman) is a Japanese manga by Kei Hoshino.The number of stories count is “- night”.The abbreviation is “D Gre”.

It has been animated on TV twice in 2006 and 2016.

Set in europe at the end of the virtual 19th century, the main character Allen is a story about himself in a long and rugged battle with his friends in order to save the soul bound by the world and AKUMA.

Summary of past theme song of anime “D.Gray-man”

Opening Theme

※ Opening (OP) songs, there are all four songs.

OP1. abingdon boys school “INNOCENT SORROW”

Lyrics – Takanori Nishikawa / Composer – Hiroshi Shibasaki / Arrangement / Song – abingdon boys school

It is the first opening song.The debut single of the band project abingdon boys school by Takanori Nishikawa.In the anime, there are also intense battle scenes as well as the original, so the tune is also finished in a rock number full of a sense of running.

OP2. Narumi Tamaki “Brightdown”

Lyrics and composition – Fujisueki / arrangement – nishi-ken / song – Narumi Tamaki

It is the opening song of the second generation.It was Narumi’s first rock system, but it’s really good!Once you hear the rust, it’s so nice not to forget it!It is an up tune that makes use of the powerful voice of pride! !

OP3. Access “Doubt & Trust – Doubt & Trust”

Lyrics – Akio Inoue / Composition and arrangement – Daisuke Asakura / Song – access

It is the opening song of the third generation.I think that it is a good tune immediately after listening to rust, and the piano part of the interlude is also the coolest when I listen to it all.There was a sprinting roll, and the balance of the whole song was balanced, and I did not get tired no matter how many times I listened to it.

OP4. UVERworld

Lyrics and Composition – TAKUYA / Arrangement – UVERworld, Satoru Hirade / Song – UVERworld

It is the 4th generation opening song.It is a tune with a strong message in the melody which seems to be UBER.It is an aggressive melody and an aggressive music that the lyrics which are quite meaningful remain in the ear.

Ending Theme

* There are 8 ending (EN) songs.

Lyrics – Iwata Ach / Composer – Iwata Atsch, Ito Takashi / Arrangement / Song – NIRGILIS

It is the first ending song.It is a little sad ballad song that is perfect for the winter season though it is up tempo.The exquisiteness of the content of the lyrics is the best as if it represents a strong kimochi of hot core even in such a dark view of the world and sound makeup linked with a little dark and delicate view of the world of anime.

EN2. June Pride of Tomorrow

Lyrics – Jun Tachitano / Composer – Sumida Shinya / Arrangement – Hidefumi Usami / Song – JUNE

It is the second generation ending song.The second single by 19-year-old startling vocalist JUNE, who was truly fell in love with his talent by Kiyoshi Matsuo ‘KC’, a pioneer in the R&B world, is a catchy pop song.

EN3. Surface “To the Continuation of Dreams”

Lyrics – Keiji Shiina / Composer and arrangement – Kazuhiro Hara / Song – Surface

It is the third generation ending song.A refreshing cheer song with positive lyrics on a bright but calm song.surface, encouraging songs are really good!Vocals with singing ability, unadorned lyrics, and huming melody are transmitted straight.

EN4. Nana Kitide “Antoinette Blue”

Lyrics and Songs – Nana Kitade / Composer – Hiroo Yamaguchi / Arr. – Masaki Iehara

It is the 4th generation ending song.”Antoinette Blue” is a ballad on the theme of ‘Princess of Tragedy’ Marie Antoinette.I wonder if it is a heavy rock sound and matched to the contents of the anime, dark and sensitive lyrics content.All of these are well with images.

EN5. Rie fu “Why You Are Here”

Lyrics, Composition and Song – Rie fu / Arrangement – Masanori Sasaji

It is the fifth generation ending song.It’s not flashy, but it’s a song that feels like a lullaby-like softness that seems to be raining down, and a slightly restrained mezzo soprano that doesn’t depend on the appearance of singer Rie fu, unleashined.

EN6. Sowelu Wish

Lyrics and Songs – Sowel / Composer and Arrangement – Shinichiro Murayama

It is the 6th generation ending song.The best medium tune that everyone can feel gentle and warm in spring and the season of the beginning.The beauty melo that everyone hums is impressive!

EN7. Mai Hoshimura “reret”

Lyrics, Composition and Song – Mai Hoshimura / Arrangement – Hideyuki Suzuki

It is the 7th generation ending song.If you’re happy, you can’t say that’s fine.”reret” is one of the most popular songs by Mai Hoshimura.

EN8. Stephany ‘Changin’.

Lyrics – Stephanie, mavie / composer and arrangement – Joe Linoye / Song – Stephanie

It is the 8th generation ending song.Returning to Stephanie’s origin, you can enjoy the high-tone ballad for the first time in a long time.It is a ballad song of the form that can make use of her beautiful and transparent high voice called catch copy “Super Clear High Tone Voice”.

Insert song

Insertion 1. Sanae Kobayashi “Kiss Your Hand”

Insert song.It is a song with a quiet depth like a lullaby.From the beginning to the end of the song, it is good to sing gradually closer to Allen’s voice.

Popular theme song ranking of anime “D. Gray-man”

For the reference of the song search, I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “D. Gray-man”.This ranking is created on this site based on the lyrics search and the number of accesses (PV number) on your major site (at the time of writing).

ReferenceNumber of accesses
2accessDoublet & Trust – Doubt & TrustOP3167757
Three.abingdon boys schoolINNOCENT SORROWOP1161773
Four.Narumi TamakiBrightdownOP2113961
Five.Sanae KobayashiKiss the hand you’ve connectedInsert song99712
Six.Mai HoshimurareretED773576
Seven.Nana KitideAntoinette BlueED459829
Eight.SurfaceTo the continuation of the dreamED357367
Nine.NirgilisSNOW KISSED153395
Ten.Rie fuWhy are you here?ED547739

※ Opening song seems to be popular.Among them, UVERworld’s “Turbulent” has more than twice as much access as other songs.In addition, the insertion song “Kiss the Hand” is also a masterpiece among anime fans.


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I put together the past theme song (OP song, EN song, insertion song) of “D.Gray-man”.


In the theme song of “D.Gray-man”, there were many theme song that mixed the darkness of the animation with the world view of the artist well.I want to enjoy the feeling that anime soundtrack flows naturally in my brain by listening to the theme song after the anime is over.

Thank you very much for watching it until the end today.