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[Slam Dunk] Past Anime Theme Songs (OP/ EN All 7 Songs) Summary

“SLAM DUNK” is an anime based on the gold tower manga of the basketball cartoon.There are only six slam dunk songs, but for the manager and other fans, all of them are familiar good songs.

Then, “SLAM DUNK (Slam Dunk) past theme song” will be summarized.


  • 第10位 炎炎ノ消防隊「インフェルノ」/Mrs. GREEN APPLE
  • 第9位 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱「God knows…」/涼宮ハルヒ(CV:平野綾)
  • 第8位 シティーハンター「Get Wild」/TM NETWORK
  • 第7位 進撃の巨人「紅蓮の弓矢」/Linked Horizon
  • 第6位 とある科学の超電磁砲「only my railgun」/fripSide
  • 第5位~第1位は?

What is the anime “SLAM DUNK”?

The main character is a bad red-haired boy who achieved the feat of being hulad by 50 people in three years of junior high school: Hanamichi Sakuragi.In the spring of her first year of high school, she was encouraged to join Haruko Akagi, the younger sister of the captain of the basketball club, because of her height and physical ability.Hanamichi, who fell in love with Haruko at first sight, is a story about deciding to join the club even though she is an amateur, and gradually developing her basketball talent.

The anime aired on TV Asahi series on October 16, 1993 – March 23, 1996.

SLAM Dunk Anime Theme Song

※ It is a total of six songs of the opening song 2 songs and the ending song 4 songs.

Opening Theme

OP1. BAAD “I want to shout that I like you”

Lyrics: Yamada Kyoji Composer: Yoshio Tatano

It is the first opening song.The song which sings as if “I want to shout that I like you” with an honest feeling is not too sweet even if it hears from the man, and it is somewhat exciting when a woman listens to it with a refreshing and light nori.

In the city where you start running with the dazzling sunshine in your back
I was knocked down, and as usual, I got my shoulder.
I’m crazy about you, and there’s no reason
That arm won’t get tangled up.

Before I knew it, my eyes were taken away and it began.
Don’t Let Go Unshakeable Crazy for You

I want to shout that I like you. I’ll change tomorrow
I want to destroy the freezing time.
I want to shout that I like you. I’ll step out with courage
I want you to accept this passion.

Over the table on the noisy floor
Don’t be shy, get drunk on your eyes.
It’s like you’re in love.
I can’t lie anymore in the beating of the throbbing

OP2. ZYYG “No One”

The second stage opening theme of the anime “Slam Dunk”.

Lyrics: Takayama Seiki Composer: Oda Tetsuro

It is the opening song of the second generation.The rust part of “I want to feel freedom by the flow of time to hit tomorrow with a dream that no one can apologize to is impressive” is impressive.I saw a lot of slam dunks because I wanted to hear them here.It is one of the hot songs that comes to mind when I was 90 years old.

BAD NEWS that penetrates into the heartbeat that is too much
The scenery of the town which is not disturbed (Kokyu)
Only curiosity in my heart begins to make a fuss.

No one can take it for you.
The flow of time to hit tomorrow with a dream
I want to feel freedom and live.

Moral that can’t be in harmony with the world
I’m sure of your love for you who stumbles on the signal and laughs sadly

Ending Theme

EN1. Maki Oguro “You’re The Only One Staring At You”

Lyrics: Maki Oguro Composer: Maki Oguro

It is the first ending song.Love medium tune with feelings for loved ones.I like it, I like it too much, and I can see that the state in which the circumference has become invisible is already in the hand, and ‘Love is a work that a blind expression comes perfectly’.Singing karaoke is exciting, isn’t it?As expected million seller! ! Is.

You’re the only one staring at me.
From the day we met, I’ve always been there.
I don’t need anything else if you’re around
Dream High Tension

A soft winter day when a wish came true
Looking Down Shy Special Drivin’ Date

I stopped my make-up first because you’re so happy.
I got a pager to catch you wherever you are.

I’ve learned more about cars and I’ve even liked football.
I’m lost, but I’ve decided to keep up with this person for the rest of my life.

You’re the only one staring at you, from the day we met, and i’ve always been
I don’t need anything else if you’re around
Love High Tension

EN2. WANDS “Until the end of the world…”

Lyrics: Noboru Uesugi Composer: Tetsuro Oda

It is the second generation ending song.The beautiful melody matched the melancholy lyrics, and above all, I was fascinated by Uesugi’s singing voice.This is the first time I’ve had a vocal with such a singing ability that shakes and inspires people’ hearts.

In the big city, I’m alone.
It’s like an empty can thrown away.
Until we know everything about each other.
If it’s love, let’s sleep forever.

I’ll never leave until the end of the world
That’s what I hoped for, thousands of nights.
Why does it only shine when you don’t come back?
I’m going to break my heart.
Hanaki No Thoughts… This Trafficy Night

And people in search of form
I’m going to lose something that’s irreplaceable.
In a city full of desires, in the night sky
The stardust can’t light us.

EN3. MANISH “Caught in the Moment Of Sparkle”

The third stage ending theme of anime “SLAM DUNK“.

Lyrics: Misuzu Takahashi, Daria Kawashima Composer: Kawashima Daria

It is the third generation ending song.This is the best slam dunk song.After all, the part of the rust is good.The artist’s voice is good.I’m going to recall it involuntarily, and it will cheer me up.

A sunny morning that wakes up to a scattered dream

Listening to your favorite songs
put a washed shirt over one’s arms

He was a tired voice last night.
“I want stimulation”, “I want to break the present”
Don’t get out of the way.

Caught by the moment (Toki) turning
I regret that I want to be absorbed.
I’m not the only one who’s not nice, Wow.
Overflowing, if the tears are beautiful
Because people can spend time on endless journeys again

EN4. ZARD “My Friend” 

Lyrics: Sakai Izumi Composer: Oda Tetsuro

It is the 4th generation ending song.A magical song that makes you feel refreshed and positive no matter how many times you repeat it.The song that Izumi-san sings from a man’s point of view (manager) is also refreshing and has a good tempo so that the wind really passes through, and it just hums.

Just thinking of you makes my heart strong
I’ve been staring at you, so keep running.

What was your dream of a distant day when you were single-minded?

It’s still dazzling.
No matter how much anxiety
Believe in your way straight
I like you with an unadorned face…
It’s sad to change.

You’ve always been shining, boy, eyes, My Friend.
When you were around, I was able to be honest for some reason.
I want to be the wind that goes through this distance

Movie (theatrical version)


It is a movie theme song.There is a light feeling, it is a cool song.It is a hidden masterpiece of slam dunk.

I just want to love you.
I don’t have anything, but I swear.
I’ve been puzzled many times, bumping into the wall.
Because they’re both asking for each other, forever.
Only the innocent love melts into you now
Looking at the undressing tomorrow
Time goes by
We’re not alone.
Let’s walk with you on the endless road
I Believe in Your Endless Chain

I can’t live with everything the same
I want to hug you so that you don’t lose your footprints.
Let’s walk with you on the endless road
I Believe in Your Endless Chain

Slam Dunk’s Most Popular Songs Ranking

For reference in the search for songs, I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “Slam Dunk”.This ranking is created on this site based on the lyrics search and the number of accesses (PV number) on your major site (as of writing).

RankingSingerSongReferenceNumber of accesses
Seven.HeiranUntil the end of the world…Cover song6469
Six.ZYYGNo one.OP250879
Five.ManishCaptured in the moment of shiningED3137803
Four.Maki OguroYou’re the only one staring at me.ED1149801
Three.ZARDMy FriendsED4193600
2WANDSUntil the end of the world…ED2316116
1BaADI want to shout that I like youOP1335701

The first and second place is the signboard song of the slam dunk.The opening song of the second stage “No One” is also a good song, but the other five major theme songs are very popular.


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“SLAM DUNK Theme Song” was introduced.

The song used for “Slam Dunk” is a nostalgic good song.The theme song introduced this time and the famous scene of the slam dunk.Both of them have a synergistic effect, which is a great impression.We’ve compiled them in the playlist below, so please take advantage of them.

Thank you for watching until the end today.

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