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[Taibani ] Past Anime Theme Songs (OP/ EN All 9 Songs) Summary

The TV animation “TIGER & BUNNY” (commonly known as Taibani), which aired in 2011, was an anime work with a new concept, such as softbank and Bandai, sponsored by famous real companies in animation.

This time, we will summarize “Tiger & BUNNY’s Past Theme Song”.


  • 第10位 炎炎ノ消防隊「インフェルノ」/Mrs. GREEN APPLE
  • 第9位 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱「God knows…」/涼宮ハルヒ(CV:平野綾)
  • 第8位 シティーハンター「Get Wild」/TM NETWORK
  • 第7位 進撃の巨人「紅蓮の弓矢」/Linked Horizon
  • 第6位 とある科学の超電磁砲「only my railgun」/fripSide
  • 第5位~第1位は?

What is the anime “TIGER & BUNNY”?

“TIGER & BUNNY” is a Japanese TV animation work produced by Sunrise.

It has been 45 years since a special ability person called NEXT was born in this world.In the big city, Sternbilt, there are superheroes composed of NEXT to protect the peace of the city by making full use of its abilities under the contract with sponsors.The heroes’ success was broadcast on the special program “HERO TV” and continued to fight for the ranking over the seat of “King of Heroes” that year.

Summary of past theme song of anime “TIGER & BUNNY”

※ opening song 2 songs.Two ending songs.Two inserted songs.I will introduce three songs of the movie version in order.

Opening Theme


(Episode 1 – Episode 13) Lyrics and Composition – Tomoya Tabuchi / Arrangement / Song – UNISON SQUARE GARDEN
As the first opening theme, this song was written by Tomoya Tabuchi, a base with a deep knowledge of anime works.This is an ambitious work in which three people with outstanding performance skills self-produced music so that as many songs as possible can reach as many people as possible.A song of a new sense that makes you feel better.It’s unique, has a story, and makes it fun to listen to.
OP2.  NOVELS “Missing Link”

(Episode 14 – Episode 25) Lyrics and Composition – Mao Takeuchi / Arrangement/ Song – NOVELS
The opening theme of the second generation.The song name “Missing Link” means “dramatic intermediate change” and refers to the intermediate period lost in the process of evolution.It is a rock number with a guitar that goes around unattended and has a swuring groove, with a narrative and emotional view of the world that can be said to be the 18th of the vocal /guitar “Mao Takeuchi” who writes and composes lyrics and composes.

Ending Theme

EN1.  Aibozu “Sumika the Stars”

(Episode 1 – Episode 13) Lyrics – Kenta Sasaki / Composer – Kenta Sasaki, Shinichi Fujimori / Song –

The first ending theme.This single marks the start of 2011 by Aibozu, a rock band from Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.The bond that is the concept of animation is finished in the rock number that expresses from their point of view.

EN2. “Mind Game”

(Episode 14 – Episode 24) Lyrics – U-ka, Zhuhime, tzk / Composer – Hiroyuki Akita / Song – Zhu she
The second generation ending theme.The song is good without complaint, and the edge of a high voice with a sense of transparency is heard.It is a song of great satisfaction in the tune of the world view which seems to be a queen.

Insert song

Insertion 1.  Blue Rose “GO NEXT!!”

(Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 7, Episode 10) Lyrics – Shoko Omori / Composer – Yorihiro Ike / Song – Blue Rose (Suminako)
Insert song.It is a character song of the idol hero ‘Blue Rose'( CV: Suminako) of the full-fledged superhero action [TIGER & BUNNY] drawn with overwhelming quality, with a variety of staff gathered.
Insertion 2. Carina Lyle, My Song

Lyrics – Shoko Omori / Composer – Yorihiro Ike / Song – Karina Lyle (Suminako)

Insert song.”GO NEXT!!” It has been released as a coupling recording song.I’m making a laugh and acting, I’m good at hiding the real intention that responds when expected, even though I don’t like adults . It is a song of the began to sing.

Tiger & BUNNY
Play 1. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN “Listening to Linear Blue”

The theme song of the first movie “Beginning”.In the rock full of the sense of running, the lyrics are studded like love.It is a song that is punched out by the lyrics to the fully open title of Tabuchi-bushi, the ultimate rhythm (especially the rust end) among the songs that Unison has released, the guitar solo of Mr. Saito which Irresistible Saito,, and the rust which is powerful enough to remain in the ear even if it hears it once.

Play 2. NONESCOS “Earth Diver”

The opening theme of the first movie “Beginning”.Earth diver = “The thing that was born on this star”… This song is a song with the theme of “time”.It is put together with the main character of the tie-up anime, and the meaning that “all time is a limited thing” is put in the tune.

Play 3. Rihwa Promise

The insertion song of the first movie “Beginning”.This song ” Promise” is a simple yet magnificent love ballad composed of band sound and acoustic guitar, strings and piano.The lyrics are content that there are many meanings in the promise.

Play 4. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN “Harmonized Finale”

The theme song of the second movie “Rising”.The music that starts with the intro which pushed the piano mainly and gradually rises is full of the feeling of running which can be said to be their true essence, yet it is melancholic and dramatic!

Play 5. NOVELS “Nemesis”

The opening song of the second movie “Rising”.By the way, nemesis is the name of the goddess who appears in Greek mythology, and it is said to represent God’s indignation and punishment for rude people.

Tiger & BUNNY Popular Theme Song Ranking

For reference in the search for songs, I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “TIGER & BUNNY”.This ranking is created on this site based on the lyrics search and the number of accesses (PV number) on your major site (as of writing).

5th Hiroaki Hirata “Can You Hear the Voice of Justice?” PV number 33375

4th Zhu she “Mind Game” PV number 44814

3rd Place Aibozu “Sumika of the Stars” PV number 122127

2nd NOVELS “Missing Link” PV number 136015

1st UNISON SQUARE GAREDEN PV number 1298650   

The first opening song “Tracing Orion” is overwhelmingly popular.In addition, the image song “POWER OF JUSTICE” and “Listen to the voice of Thanatos” seems to be popular.


Tiger & BUNNY Official Website (Click to Move)

“Tiger & BUNNY’s Past Theme Song” was compiled.

One of the reasons why Taibani became popular is the theme song.Artists with taste such as UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, Aibo, AND NOVELS are in charge, and the song of the pronoun which can be called “THE Anison” is born.In recent years, it has been revealed that a new anime series project is being planned, and I would like to pay attention to the flow in the future.

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Thank you very much for watching it until the end today.

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