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[Trico] past theme song (OP, EN all 17 songs) summary

In the battle action of a new cut on the theme of “food”, anime “Trico” is extremely popular with elementary and junior high school students.There are many theme songs that contain lyrics related to food, and it will liven up the world view of gourmet anime.

So this time I will summarize the theme song of “Trico” past (OP song, EN song).

What is the anime “Trico”?

“Trico” is a Japanese manga work by Mitsunen Shimabukuro.It was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) from 2008 to 2016.In addition to Fuji TV, the animated version was broadcast from April 2011 to March 2014.

The world is the “gourmet age” where “gastronomic” has become a global fashion.The story of the gastronomic restaurant Trico and the chef Komatsu venture around the world in search of various ingredients.

Summary of past theme song of anime “Trico”

Opening Theme

※ Opening (OP) songs, there are all two songs.Akira Kushida is in charge of both songs.

OP1. Akira Kushida “Gatsugatsu!!” 』

Lyrics – Hiroshi Yamada / Composer and arrangement – Shinichi Sakurai / Singer – Akira Kushida (Nippon Columbia)

It is the first opening song.It is “powerful to go forward to be at the top of the gourmet”.Therefore, it is a song that puts the spirit in the amount of voice that I can have and sings, and exhausts my strength.

OP2. Akira Kushida “Great Food My Way!!”

Lyrics – Hiroshi Yamada / Composer and arrangement – Shinichi Sakurai / Singer – Akira Kushida (Nippon Columbia)

It is the opening song of the second generation.Previous opening “Gatsugatsu!!” Akira Kushida, the original carnivorous singer, sings with great force.It is inevitable to get hot to the explosion high calorie song that was even more powerful!

Ending Theme

* There are 11 ending (EN) songs.


Lyrics – Junji Ishiwatari / Composer – Hikoteru Horimuku / Arr. – Satoru Hiraide / Singer – FTISLAND

It is the first ending song.Rock number full of running feeling!FtIsland’s songs are quite different from those in Japan and Korea, but there are many songs in Japan that give energy to young people.It is a song that the powerful voice of Hongi and the clear voice of Jejin were made the best use of very much.


Lyrics – Masanori Kodama / Composer and arrangement – Yoshihiko Yamaguchi (POPHOLIC) / Singer – Sea A

It is the second generation ending song.The idol unit set up by Horipro x Lantis, its true identity is a foursome of girls who love anime living in Singapore. This song gives me a lot of energy.

EN3. Leo Ieiri “Sabrina”

Song and Lyrics – Leo Ieiri / Composer – Yoshihiko Nishio , Leo Ieiri / Arrangement – Kodai Miwa

It is the third generation ending song.Leo Ieiri’s major first single.A rock number that expresses the cry and conflict of the heart unique to youth.It is a song characterized by a powerful melody, the message of poetry, and the beauty of the high-pitched sound with a sense of transparency.

EN4. Tomohisa Yamashita “Love Chase”

Lyrics – Blaise Maynard, tax / composer – Blaise Maynard / arr. – Maynard Plant, Zen Nishizawa / Song – Tomohisa Yamashita

It is the 4th generation ending song.Produced by Monkey Magic.The hot beat with a sense of running will shine even more when you collaborate with the dance with the sharpness of the mountain P!

EN5. Hyadain Samba de Trico!!! 』

Lyrics, composition and arrangement – Kenichi Maeyamada / Singer – Hyadain

It is the fifth generation ending song.This song is a fusion of “food” and “samba”! Trico] like in full bloom, both adults and children can enjoy together, catchy and addictive music!

EN6. Nana Mizuki “Lovely Fruit”

Lyrics – Hibiki / Composition and arrangement – Noriyasu Uematsu (Elements Garden) / Singer – Nana Mizuki

It is the 6th generation ending song. The singer is Nana Mizuki, who continues to play an active role as a top runner for voice actor artists.It is a song that starts with the lyrics “Lovely Fruit” and is full of trico-likeness.


Lyrics and composition – Teraoka Koto / Arrangement / Singer – JUN SKY WALKER(S)

It is the 7th generation ending song.It is a song that is a bridge of the rainbow that the message which is perfect for the beginning of a memorable year and the melody with a sense of coolness connect Junska’s past, present, and future.The lyrics with a strong message color sound straight.

EN8. Salley Red Shoes

Lyrics – Urara / Composer / Arrangement – Kohei Kamiguchi / Singer – Salley

It is the 8th generation ending song.From the rust part, in the sound field with a floating feeling, with a guitar sound that seems to be diffusely reflected in the noisy in the background, it is a song that the vocals that fly melodiously and run through is glossy.

EN9. Dresscause “Tautology”

Lyrics – Ryohei Shima / Composer, Arrangement / Singer – Dress cause

It is the 9th generation ending song.An exciting and epoch-making work full of new possibilities of rock.It is a simple and ultimate song that puts provocative lyrics, which can be called “Dresscause-style manifest” with a strong message, to an aggressive sound and barks.

EN10. Palet Believe in Yourself! 』

Lyrics – Hiromasa 秩 / Composer and arrangement – Kentaro Akutsu / Singer – palette

It is the 10th generation ending song.It is a unit that was formed as a sister of PASSPO ☆ in June 2012.POP music and the soul of Anison.It’s okay.

EN11. Rurika Yokoyama “Megalava”

Lyrics, composition and arrangement – Satoshi Harada / Singer – Rurika Yokoyama

It is the 11th generation ending song.”Idling !!!” It is the third single of Yokoyama Lurika who also acts as a member of.It is an upper tune full of the feeling of running which does not leave the ear once it hears it.

Inserted song (image song) ed.

※ I will introduce a typical inserted song.

Insertion 1. Trico “Fight and Eat!!”

Lyrics – Hiroshi Yamada / Composition and arrangement – Shinichi Sakurai / Song – Trico (voice: Ryutaro Okiyu)

Insert song.Do you know what to eat for? It is a song of the beginning of the song that it is necessary to taste it for the life to live with gratitude for the food which should have been tasted for the life.

Insertion 2. Akira Kushida “Nakamatachi!!”

Lyrics – Hiroshi Yamada / Composition and arrangement – Shinichi Sakurai / Song – Akira Kushida (Nippon Columbia)

Insert song.Tomodachi or something like that is a song of the beginning of the song that it bumped into from the time of the kid who connects helplessly.

Insertion 3. Zebra Zebra !!”

Lyrics – Hiroshi Yamada / Composition and arrangement – Shinichi Sakurai / Song – Zebra (Voice: Kenji Matsuda)

Insert song.It is an insertion song of one of the four tenno gastronomy along with Trico “Zebra”.

Insertion 4. Komatsu (voice: Park 璐mi) “Let’s Cooking!!”

Lyrics – shin / composition and arrangement – Shinichi Sakurai / song – Komatsu (voice: Park 璐mi)

Insert song.It is a tune of the cook “Komatsu” who seeks gastronomicity with Trico.

Popular theme song ranking of anime “Trico”

I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “Trico” for reference of the song search.This ranking is created on this site based on the lyrics search and the number of accesses (PV number) on your major site (at the time of writing).

RankingSingerSongReferenceNumber of PVs
1Leo IeiriSabrinaED367608
2Nana MizukiLovely FruitED652350
Three.Akira KushidaGreedily!!OP130037
Four.HyadainSamba de Trico !!!ED520228
Six.Akira KushidaAustralian Food My Way!!OP212349
Seven.AlleyRed ShoesED810168
Eight.Tomohisa YamashitaLOVE CHASEED49739
Nine.Sea ADeli-DELI DeliticiousED28769
Ten.PaletteBelieve in Yourself!ED107175

Leo Ieiri’s Sabrina and Nana Mizuki’s Lovely Fruit seem to be particularly popular.It is also characteristic that there are many popular songs in the ending song.


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I summarized the past theme song (OP song, EN song, insertion song) of “Trico”.

Many of the TV theme song of “Trico” was conscious of “food” as well as the style of the animation, and when I hear it when I am hungry, hunger seems to advance (laughs).In any case, only the work that has ended in both the anime and the original, I hope to succeed the work in the future.

Thank you very much for watching it until the end today.

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