Management policy

We have prepared a Q&A table for our operational policy.I would appreciate it if you could read this site so that you can enjoy it more comfortably.


Q1.  What is an anison library?


A. This is a site where the manager who loves anime puts together japanese anime theme songs (anisons) from Youtube.In order to enjoy anime songs more, we create a playlist of 🔗 Youtube and publish it free of charge.


I introduce the past theme song of the animation on Youtube by the hobby of the manager.🔗 provides a link on this site with a link to the video contributor whose shared code is published in accordance with the Sharing Policy of YouTube Videos.

Q2. Is there a benefit to the contributor (singer/artist) who shares the video?


A. Of course there is.


Videos played on this site are directly reflected in the number of views on youtube of the video owner.Also, revenue from ads on embedded videos is only distributed between 🔗 YouTube and the video owner.The owner of the site that embeds the video won't be able to make money.

This site never does anything that will benefit the video contributor or Youtube.


In addition, the Youtube video featured on this site is a video of the official channel of a singer, artist, label, and a video that has been discarded (1, for example, an anime theme song video that has been viewed millions on a non-official channel.)By destroying revenue, it is limited to how Youtude, instead of the video contributor, but to distribute revenue to copyright holders instead of deleting the video.For illegal uploaded videos, do not introduce them in the article.

1 🔗 a mechanism called Contact ID.


Q3. (Anime) Is there a merit to the author and the production company?


A. Of course there is.


This site is promoting the fun and charm of anime works as a way of starting to the anime theme song.In addition, as proof of that, the introduction link of the official HP of the anime is described in the article.By introducing it in the article, it leads to increased awareness (exposure) of anime works as well as other owned media and personal blogs, and it is considered to have merit.


In that case, we will use a screenshot of the official website and some anime logos.When using, we send a pinback message to the source.It is recognition that it is a category of the quotation, but if there is a problem, we will respond to the deletion immediately.Please contact us.

Q4. Can I erase certain videos (links) on this site?


A. If there is a clear reason, of course it is possible.Contact us


This site provides a video link to the last (embedded video).If you would like to remove a video from your YouTube console, please contact the author directly from the 🔗 Youtube copyright center or the linked video.


Also, if you do not want to share a link with this site, please contact us.(Videos with shared code are shared on the site.)



Q5 . About comments


A. Comments containing the following content may not be approved at the discretion of the site manager and may be deleted.


Slander and slander a particular natural person or corporation

Contains extremely obscene content

・ Requests related to the trading of prohibited goods and acts that harm others, etc.

・ Items prohibited by law, requests for acts, mediation, etc.

Other things that are deemed to be contrary to public order and morals or not approved by the manager


Q6 Lyrics


A. Lyrics will not be posted.

In this site, there was an article that posted the lyrics of the number one theme song and the lyrics of the rust part.Lyrics are managed by JASRAC, Japan Music Copyright Association, 🔗, and will not be posted in the future because permission is required for use.As of September 07, 2019, all of the lyrics have been removed.


Q7 About the delivery of advertisements


A. We cover operating expenses through advertising.After collection of operating expenses, we also aim for reduction, etc. on the site.


(As of September 7, 2019, monthly PV: 4025 revenue: 358 yen)


This site has advertisements provided by Google and Google's partner websites (third-party distributors).We use cookies to deliver advertisements and deliver advertisements based on past access information, including this site.Google partners can display appropriate ads to you on our site based on your access information to our site and other sites. You can disable the DoubleClick cookie used to run personalized ads on the ad settings page of your 🔗 Google account.You can also 🔗 access to disable cookies for third-party distributors used to run personalized ads. For more information about how cookies are handled in Google's ads, please visit google's policies and terms page 🔗.



Q7. Are there any other things to keep in mind?


A. Yes.There are two points.


All videos, audio, etc. are intellectual property rights belong to the author and organization.Even though it was picked up on this site, the secondary use of video and audio without permission is a violation of copyright.


The responsibility for any damage caused by using this site shall not extend to the operator of this blog.(We will try to disseminate information as accurately as possible.)

In other information about this site, if there is such a thing to be worried about,
Please feel free to contact us from the following farm.We will respond quickly.