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[Kochigame] past anime theme song (OP, EN all 19 songs) summary

For a long time, “Katsushika-ku Kameari Park Front School” has entertained fans for a long time, including the publication of a book that has been a long-term series of 40 years and a total of 200 books. In the same way in the anime version, it is a mess in the wild weather, but there is a human touch, and there must be a lot of fans who became a prisoner to both mr. (Ryotsu Kankichi) who can not hate somewhere.Therefore, with the end of the anime, the person who felt lonely somewhere should not be only the manager.

This time, we will compile “Anime Kochigame’s Theme Song (OP/EN)”

What is the anime “Kochigame”?

This anime work is based on Osamu Akimoto’s manga work “This is Katsushika-ku Kameari Park-mae School”.Commonly known as Kochigame.Tv animation featuring LaSalle Ishii was produced as Ryotsu from 1996, and it was broadcast on Fuji TV from June 16, 1996 to December 19, 2004 (344 episodes in total).

The contents are a crazy gag anime featuring the police officer Ryotsu Kankichi.

Past theme song of anime “Kochigame”

Opening Theme

There are seven open themes.

OP1. Queen “Summer has come!” (Diamond Head) “Queen of the Beach”

Super Lyrics – S Nakano / Composer – Danny Hamilton / Arr. – Tatsuya Nishiwaki / Song – Queen

The first opening song.In the op credit at the time of the tv broadcast, “Summer has come!” It was written as “Queen of Nagisa” instead.

OP2. TOKIO “Everybody Can Do!”

Lyrics – Narumi Yamamoto / Composition and arrangement – Naoya Akimoto / Song – TOKIO

Tokio was in charge of the second opening song.It’s not very LIKE TOKIO, but it matches Nagase-kun’s voice, and the lyrics are refreshing and good songs.

OP3. Kohei Dojima , Katsushika Rhapsody

Lyrics – Yukinojo Mori / Composer – Kohei Dojima / Arrangement – Tsutomu Nakayama, Kohei Dojima / Song – Kohei Dojima

The opening song of the third generation is a representative song known needless to say.The lyrics continue as you look at the sunset floating in Nakagawa.He is known as a music director such as The Fountain of Trivia and IQ Supplement and also works on songs provided to idols such as.It is a song with the atmosphere of downtown, and it is a tune that is perfect for the atmosphere of Kochigame.

OP4. Osamu Yamada and Hello Knights “This is the Woman of Kameza”

Lyrics and Composition – Tsunku ♂ / Arrangement – Takao Konishi / Song – Osamu Yamada and Hello Knights

The 4th opening song.Osamu Yamada and Hello Knights are fictional units that appear in the production performance “The Story of The Stardust: Osamu Yamada and the Hello Knights” produced by the “Stardust Society” formed at the invitation of Takayasu Komiya.Only nine episodes were used in the main story, and it was the shortest use period in kochigame OP songs.

OP5. Ryotsu and the Choir “Come On Kameari”

Lyrics – LaSalle Ishii / Composer and arrangement – Toshihiko Sahashi / Song – Ryotsu Kankichi Ando Chigame-N Choir

The 5th opening song.It is one of the representative songs.”Ah, that’s Kameari, i’m sure It’s Kameari.Come and go to our town.”The atmosphere of downtown is oozing out from the song.In the OP of several episodes during the use period, the version to omit the middle of the song was broadcast.It is also later used as an ED.

OP6. Yoshimi Tendo “Stay Up and Follow Me”

Lyrics – Yukio Aoshima / Composer – Tetsuaki Hagiwara / Arrangement – Takaharu Iketa / Song – Yoshimi Tendo

The 6th opening song.It is a song with excellent compatibility with a combination of both humane and enka.In the 210th episode at the start of use, a character that looks very similar to Tendo’s before the opening appeared.Tendo herself is a female character with a big face whose face is two-thirds the size of her height, and tendo herself answers that it is not Tendo Yoshimi.

OP7.   Yam Yam Ver. “Katsushika Rhapsody”

Lyrics – Yukinojo Mori / Composer – Kohei Dojima / Arrangement / Song – Yum! Yum! Orange

The 7th opening song.It is Katsushika Rhapsody of another version (female version) from Kohei Dojima who was in charge of the original song.The melody is also added a little arrangement, and the taste comes out here.

Ending Theme

EN1.  Hofdylan Smile

Lyrics, Composition and Arrangement – Shin Watanabe / Song – Hofdylan

The first ending song.It is a single by Hofdylan, and it is their major debut work.

EN2.  The Collectors “There’s a Good Thing”

Lyrics and Composition – Hisashi Kato / Arrangement – Ginji Ito, THE COLLECTORS / Song – THE COLLECTORS

The second generation ending song.This is the ninth single by The Collectors, a Japanese rock band.The jacket depicts the members of The Collectors and the main character, Kankichi Ryotsu, the main character of the anime and the original.

EN3. Megumi Okuna “Lady’s Dream Is Kaleidoscope”

Lyrics – Yukinojo Mori / Composer – Toshihiko Sahashi / Arrangement – Masaki Iwamoto / Song – Megumi Okuna

The third generation ending song.The cd jacket depicts the main characters, Kankichi Ryotsu and Keiichi Nakagawa, centered on the heroines of Kochigame, Akimoto, Catherine, and Reiko, and shows Megumi Okuna herself on the back side.

EN4. George, “Buway’s Biyabiya”

Lyrics, Composition and Song – George Tokoro / Arrangement – Kan Inoue

The 4th generation ending song.There are a lot of onomatopoeic sounds in the lyrics, and the main character, Kankichi Ryotsu, flies in the lyrics next to the three-dimensional character of the onomatopoeic sound that appears in the lyrics.

EN5. kanae “”Kun”

Lyrics – Emi Makiho / Composer – Michiya Haruhata / Arrangement – Michiya Haruhata, Daisuke Ikeda / Song – Kanae

The 5th generation ending song.Kanae, a Japanese female artist from Osaka Prefecture, was in charge.

EN6. The Love “You and Me”

Lyrics and Compositions – Yoshitaka Hira / Arr. – The LOVE, Ken Tomita / Song – The Love

The 6th generation ending song.It is a song sung by the threesome band “The LOVE” from Hakata.

EN7. Komachi & Naoko “Every Day, No Problem”

Lyrics – Keiko Ueno / Composer and arrangement – Toshihiko Sahashi / Song – Komachi & Naoko (Rieko Miura, Kanako Mihashi)

The 7th generation ending song.It is a song sung by two of the female police of the animation.It is a song called “Every day goes through a no-problem hot shower, and every day is a no-problem sleep pillow and a good health recovery”.

EN8. Arashi “Nice Spirit”

Lyrics – Nobumi Tozawa / Composer – Iida Takehiko / Arrangement – Tomoo Ishizuka / Song – Arashi

This song is the 8th generation ending theme.Arashi’s first anime tie-up song.Several times after the start of on-air, the singer’s name was emphasized in bold as “Arashi” in the credit part of the song name, but it was replaced with the correct notation “Arasi” from the middle.

EN9. Tetsu AND Tomo “Why- Both-san Version”

Lyrics, Songs – Tetsu and Tomo / Composer – Tomo / Arrangement – Misawa Taro

Arashi’s song was used as the 9th generation ending theme.This is the first anime tie-up song.Both of their eyebrows are black. It has become a song of the eye press though it might be such as.

EN10. Tetsu AND Tomo “Why- Kochigame Version”

Lyrics, Songs – Tetsu and Tomo / Composer – Tomo / Arrangement – Misawa Taro

The ending song of the 10th generation was the one that the song of why it was a art of them (Tetsu and Tomo) was done in the story related to “Kochigame”.Couplings have become their other art.

EN11.  NICEGUY people “HAI, IRASHAI (Hi! Come)

Song, Composition and Song – NICEGUY

The ending song of the 11th generation.It is the debut single of niceguy people (Nice Guyjin), a funny foreign unit.The impact of the lyrics of the strange phrase of “foreigner” is strong, but if you listen carefully, you can see that the song is also very wonderful.It is a song that the tune of a strange lyrics + a rap tone really matches, and it becomes addictive already.

EN12.  “Jugem – Kochigame Version” by Both-san and the Oedo Typhoon Tribe

Lyrics – Classical Rakugo, Toshiro Kawasaki / Composer and arrangement – Hideyuki Sekikawa / Song – Ryotsu Kankichi and Oedo Typhoon Tribe

It is a song that begins with the lyrics of the 12th generation ending song “Jugem Jugem Gokou’s Surikire Kaijarigyo” and is a kind of addictive song when you get used to it.

Kochigame Theme Song Popularity Ranking

I will introduce the popular theme song ranking in “Here Katsushika-ku Kameari Park front school source”.This ranking is created on this site based on the lyrics search and the number of accesses (PV number) on your major site (as of writing).

RankingSingerSongReferenceNumber of accesses
Ten.Tetsu and TomoI wonder why – Kochigame versionED1411870
Nine.The LOVEYou and MeED615560
Eight.TokioEverybody Can Do!OP217953
Seven.Yoshimi TendoStay up and follow me.OP619514
Five.StormNice spiritED1028175
Four.Takuro YoshidaIt’s a feeling.ED729436
Three.SEX MACHINEGUNSTalk to me!ED1641463
2LaSalle Ishii/ “Kochigame” Uin ChoirCome on, Kameari.OP553922
1Kohei DojimaKatsushika RhapsodyOP3326243

※ Two of the two major theme songs of Kochigame are ranked in the first place and the second place.In particular, Katsushika Rhapsody has a great number of accesses.Other songs such as “Smile” and “Stay with me” seem to be popular.


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The anime “Kochigame no Theme Song (OP/EN)” has been compiled.

When I listen to Kochigame’s theme song (especially the ending), I can’t help feeling sad because I remember Ross, where the little turtle was over, and Ross, where Sunday was over.Because it is such a popular anime, it is expected to re-appear in a special special etc.

Thank you very much for watching it until the end today.

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